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At GenWell we believe the natural state of the body is health. Each physical symptom is the body sending a message that something is out of balance. Often these symptoms do not represent a typical disease. Most patients that come in for a consult have seen numerous specialist. Our job is to look at all symptoms as clues that point to a root cause. Once identified, recovery can take place.

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How We Approach GenWell

We spend time with our patients to understand their symptoms – the clues their unique body is sending – and use our clinical expertise along with a well-stocked “toolbox” to identify the root cause so we have the best chance to fix the problem. Our “toolbox” contains innovative tests, nutrition, supplements, supportive therapies such as, acupuncture, oxygen therapy,laser therapy,massage, infusions, and others. We strive to minimize the use of prescription medications but prescribe them when required. We partner with our patients and together develop an effective treatment plan.

This approach to health care has become known as Functional Medicine: understand and address the root cause of an individual’s symptoms. As we work with our patients to do this we routinely see their health problems dramatically improve or even resolve.

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